Donation Service

Online donation is the future trend.

From ancient times to the present, many non-profit organization’s fund-raising activities are mainly through manpower street sweepers, charity sales, clearance auctions and irregular large-scale event sponsorship, or through mail clips, newspapers, magazines and television advertisements. However, the effectiveness of fund-raising through the public is not high, and the use of mail or other media can not achieve immediate results.

According to a survey conducted by the national endowment policy commission, the number of Internet users in Taiwan has reached 14.76 million. Internet is the easiest way to let people know the information. Many non-profit organizations have gradually realized the importance of “online fund-raising”. Some organizations and organizations have begun to use online fund-raising and have achieved good results. In the future, “online fundraising” will become the most important way for individual donors to donate money.


The best choice of management and execution

Technology has made it easier to donate than before! Many similar successful cases have been the use of technology to link up stable sponsorship, which is different from the traditional way of fund-raising, in which small units are assembled into meaningful aggregations. The “donation service for several rich families” will be the best choice for non-profit organizations and social welfare organizations.

We provide the management of various activities, cases and donation bazaars, which will facilitate the execution of business and cases, as well as the recording and reading of special projects. The integration of data through information software can greatly reduce the manual operation procedures, thus increasing the efficiency of service and administration. It can not only open the fund-raising channels for non-profit organizations, but also convey the ideas and activities to all parts of the world, and let more people provide immediate help at the first time!

Service features

●Integrated donation methods, combined with charity sale and online donation.

● With online credit card – fixed amount function to obtain stable donation sources.

●The charity sale system has the function of quota and limitation.

● donors can immediately query the donation history online, saving customer service manpower.

● Excel can be used to import other fund-raising methods to integrate all fund-raising sources at one time.

●Provide Excel to download donation details to facilitate accounting reconciliation.

●It can be combined with receipt printing system and electronic receipt, saving resources and convenience!

●The donation of mobile phone version can be used to recruit high-volume smart mobile phone users!

●Provide customized service.

Service case reference